Reflexions of Bianca América ~ Scholarship Beneficiary 2019-2020

Bianca America, estudiante del ciclo 2019 - 2020

Bianca América (Tanima) Enríquez López is a 2020 law graduate from the Universidad Enrique Rebsamen.

My name is Bianca América Enríquez López, I am from Bajío del Tule, which is part of the community of San Sebastián Teponahuaxtlan, in the state of Jalisco. I am a proud Indigenous Wixárika woman, and three years ago I moved to Guadalajara in search of new opportunities and to study law. 

During my university education, I experienced a number of obstacles such as too few opportunities in the labor market, geographic and financial barriers to moving around the city. Many times I faced discrimination and even a kind of spiritual violence. Nonetheless, I persisted, adapted to the big city, and completed my studies with a thirst to continue learning. Gradually, I became more active, building relationships with others engaged in the collective defence of human rights and the rights of Indigenous peoples. I also had the opportunity to participate in various national and international meetings regarding culture, the defense of Indigenous lands, and Indigenous women’s rights. 

Completing my undergraduate studies in April 2020 required a lot of sacrifice, but I am very satisfied, despite how the pandemic dampened celebrations. Those of us who just graduated now face a difficult time finding work, lengthening the time it will take for us to purchase our degrees. The important thing is to persist and always be prepared. 

I am now an intern at the State Commission for Human Rights in Jalisco, where I can apply what I’ve learned. I give free legal advice to abused Indigenous women, and provide monthly social services in Indigenous communities. 

The road (to change) is long, and we all have to start at the bottom to achieve our goals, but nothing is impossible. I want to thank the Huichol Scholarship Fund, co-sponsored by the Wixárika Research Center, the International Friendship Club and the Rotary Club of Puerto Vallarta, for supporting me during my studies. 

Thank you! 

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