This website and our work would not be possible without the help and support of the Wixárika people, their communities, and the lifelong work and dedication of Juan Negrín as many of his personal archives are shared on this site for the first time. Certainly these archives are of particular interest to the Wixaritari but also to those of you who are teachers, students, or enthusiasts of Wixárika history, culture and their ongoing and current struggle to protect their sacred areas and their territory.

We thank the following people for the work they have done in preparing archives so they can be shared on this website. Ingrid Arriaga spent two months with us reviewing, organizing, and scanning Juan’s archives on the art including catalogues, publications, and letters. Aukwe García Mijarez from the community of Tatei Kie for her work on Juan’s political archives that span from the very early 1970’s through 2013. Aukwe, who also currently serves on the Consejo Regional Wixárika por la Defensa de Wirikuta spent two months with us organizing and listing hundreds of documents which can now be scanned and uploaded to this database. Vanessa Sequeira who volunteered two days a week for a year helping Yvonne Negrín catalogue over 10,000 Kodachrome slides taken by Juan Negrín during his years of work with the Wixárika people. We also thank Dr. Anthony Somkin who along with Yvonne Negrín began the work of archiving slides before Vanessa’s arrival. We thank Matsiwa de la Cruz Carrillo for his work on the slide archive identifying people and places and documenting slides taken of ceremonies and sacred places. Tutupika Carrillo for his help in translating and clarifying the proper spelling of Wixárika words. A very special thanks to Diana Negrín for her dedication to this foundation and for helping us carry her father’s torch now that he is no longer with us. She also helped coordinate the invaluable work done by Ingrid and Aukwe. We thank Carol Somkin for her help editing documents, Sofía Benejam for her work translating, Tracy Barnett and Agustín del Castillo for their excellent articles and thorough coverage of the current struggles of the Wixárika people and their communities, Wes and Colette Headley for their work creating this new website, our board of directors, advisors, and the generous donors who have supported our work.

We dedicate this website to the memory of Juan Negrín and to the Wixárika people.