Most, if not all, of the catalogues that were published to accompany the museum exhibits of the five artists who worked with Juan Negrín are out of print and no longer available. These exhibits span various European, US and Mexican venues. We have digitized all of these to make them available on this online archive in the language of publication. All of the catalogues are posted on the English and Spanish sides of this archive regardless of language to keep them together. We apologize to those of you who are not multi-lingual for the lack of an available translation.

Catalogue published as part of the groundbreaking Wixarika yarn painting exhibit at the Museum of Modern Art in Mexico City (July-September 1986). This historic exhibit was the first time that contemporary Indigenous art was exhibited in said museum and was part of Juan Negrín's long term efforts to advocate for contemporary Wixarika artists like José Benítez Sánchez, Guadalupe González Ríos, Juan Ríos Martínez, and others.

The Wixarika Research Center is excited to share the digitized catalogue here.

Catálogo publicado como parte de la exposición parteaguas de cuadros de estambre wixáritari en el Museo de Arte Moderno en la Ciudad de México (julio-septiembre 1986). Esta exposición histórica marcó la primera vez que este museo exhibiera arte contemporáneo indígena y fue parte de los esfuerzos a largo plazo de Juan Negrín quien abogó a lo largo de su carrera por los artistas contemporáneos wixáritari como José Benítez Sánchez, Guadalupe González Ríos, Juan Ríos Martínez, entre otros.

Universidad de Guadalajara - INAH, Marzo 6 - junio 6, 1977

E. B. Crocker Art Gallery - December 6, 1975 - January 18, 1976 and San José Museum of Art - May 5 - June 6, 1976