The Huichol Creation of the World

The Huichol Creation of the World by Juan Negrín

This catalogue accompanied an exhibit curated by Juan Negrín for the E. B. Crocker Art Gallery in Sacramento, California (December 6, 1975 - January 18, 1976) and the San Jose Museum of Art (May 5 - June 6, 1976) and features the artworks of Tutukila Carrillo Sandoval and José Benítez Sánchez. As noted in the introduction, the exhibit also includes votive and traditional crafts, as well as textiles collected through friends in the Wixarika communities or shop owners in Tepic. The catalogue has black and white, as well as color images of several masterworks made during the height of Carrillo and Benítez's careers. Each painting is accompanied by an explanation written by Negrín based on audio recorded conversations with the artists.

Download and read the catalogue here.


Huichol Creation of the World
yarn paintings
José Benítez Sánchez
tutukila carrillo sandoval