Wirikuta II

Wirikuta II ~ Juan Ríos Martínez 1975

Wirikuta, the sacred land of the ancestors, is seen as a double-headed deer and eagle whose heart is the sun. The deer has two aspects: one is Maxa Kuaxi, who faces left toward the flowers of temptation ('Irumari) and the mountain peak of Wirikuta (bottom left, yellow); at its base are peyotes (hikurite) whose spirit is the deer; the area’s secrets in turquoise contain dots that symbolize its words. The deer facing right is Tamatsi Kauyumarie, who links the ocean (Haramara) and the underworld (Watetiapa) with Wirikuta to the East.

The eagle (seen again, bottom right) is Tatei Werika Wimari, Our Mother of the Skies. Offerings of plumed arrows (muwierite), on the right, are offered to the sacred land. Also represented in the painting is the bed of the ancestors (itari), with tortillas on it (bottom right).

The light green sprig (bottom left) is the zucca, whose needles, carried in the wind, bury themselves in the flesh of those who travel in Wirikuta.The lizard ('imukui) at bottom center, is the messenger of Wirikuta to pilgrims who seek grace and knowledge there. On its back are the colors of corn.

Explanation and Translation by Juan Negrín based on a tape recorded conversation with Juan Ríos Martínez.

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Wool yarn, plywood and beeswax