The Dismemberment of Takutsi Nakawé

Takutsi Nakawé, Our Great Grandmother of the Hollow Ear and Growth, once walked on earth. When her labors to create the world were finished, her human body fell into pieces. From each part of her body, new plant and animal forms were born to feed her life. Around her skeleton are scattered her jawbones (on either side of her skull), her arms (to the left), and two teeth (lower left corner). Her brain is on top of her skull between her heart, liver and respiratory system. Below her torso are her bladder, two kidneys, two pieces of marrow, her sexual organs, her digestive tract and her anal conduit. At top left, four objects represent her breasts and flesh from her back. Below are her spleen and a white eyebrow.

Explanation and Interpretation by Juan Negrín based on a tape-recorded conversation with the artist.
Text and Photograph ©Juan Negrín 1973 - 2024, All rights reserved digital and print.

José Benítez Sánchez

Year Created
Materials & Techniques
Wool yarn pressed into pure beeswax spread on plywood with wood frame.