Xikuakame Leaves His Home

Xikuakame Leaves Home - Tutukila 1974

Tatéi N+ariwame, Our Mother the Messenger of the Rains, lives with her two children in her divine house. One day, the youngest, Xik+akame (the squash boy), has a vision in which a rainbow-colored serpent reveals itself above his house and proposes to take him on a long journey. His mother, restless, sends her scond son, Xiráunime (lightning) to search for him. But Xik+akame transforms himself into a serpent and shoots streams of water onto his path. Finally, he arrives at the sacred region of Wirikuta, where he decides to rest.

Tutukila Carrillo Sandoval

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Create Date: 
Object Medium: 
Materials & Techniques: 
Wool yarn pressed into pure beeswax spread on plywood with wood frame