The Universal Aspect of Tamatsí Kauyumarie

The Universal Aspect of Tamatsí Kauyumarie ~ José Benítez Sánchez 1972

Here we see Tamatsí Kauyumarie. His body is filled with words of all kinds, of chants and of prayers. He received all of the words of the Ancestors, that represent an all-encompassing understanding of what occurs in this world, and only he has travelled throughout the world. He did not require study to become a ma’arakame, for this gift was born from within himself, within his own body. He knows well all that we say and what the gods say. He knows how many gods exist and what they require daily. In truth, this “man” knows everything and does everything. Tamatsí Kauyumarie extends himself to all parts of the world, gathering words through his body’s tenticles. When he extends his body, Kauyumarie transports himself from the sacred land of Wirikuta, in the east, to the borders of darkness in Watetiapa, at the edge of the sea. Kauyumarie is suspended in the wind.

Translation and interpretation by Juan Negrín based on a tape recorded conversation with José Benítez Sánchez.

Photograph ©Juan Negrín 1972 - 2024. All rights reserved.

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Wool yarn, beeswax and wood