Tatei Yuáwime Fills the Silos with Maize

Tatei Yuáwime Fills the Silos with Maize ~ Juan Ríos Martínez 1975

When Watákame married Tatéi Yuáwime, Our Mother Dark Blue Maize, he promised her mother, Tatéi Niwetsika, Our Mother Maize, that he would not make her do any housework. According to his mother-in-law's instructions, Watákame constructed silos. He did not understand how this would help him, as he did not know the hidden identity of his wife who seemed a mere woman. Then, at midnight, Tatéi Yuáwime descended from the heavens dispersing corn until the silos were filled.

Here she appears hovering above two silos. She wears mumárite (decoration in the form of head-feathers) and appears amidst puguárite (marigolds). Directly beneath her burns Watákame's fire (the variegated green form, at bottom centre), within which appears the fire's nierika, sacred circular design, shown here as a gray and pink flower.

Explanation and Translation by Juan Negrín based on a tape recorded conversation with Juan Ríos Martínez..

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Year Created
Object Medium
Materials & Techniques
Wool yarn, plywood and beeswax