Scholarships for Wixárika University Students

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Wixarika youth represent a bright future that incorporates traditional and local knowledge with technical skills learned in different institutions of higher education. Since 2018, the Wixarika Research Center has provided more than 40 multi-year scholarships for Wixarika students studying a variety of careers that include agronomy, law, business administration and medicine. Each year we offer scholarships to support different needs that include school materials, transportation, food and internet. Students accepted into our program will receive the scholarship each year until they graduate.

This program is a tangible expression of support for Indigenous youth and is rooted in the belief that equipping more Wixaritari with university level education is a strategic way to ensure their communities have access to skills required to defend their cultural ane economic integrity while securing ongoing political and territorial autonomy. We are grateful to our partners at the International Friendship Club for laying the financial foundation for this scholarship program and thank all of our monthly and one-time donors for this fund. 


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If you would like to support this valuable program through a one time or montly donation, please click here.and mention you are donating to the scholarship program. Donations made to the Wixarika Research Center are tax deductible within the United States to the full extent of the law. For those in Canada, you can make a tax-deductible donation to the fund through the Lakeshore Charitable Foundation.