Le corps et la corde: Le rite d’<<enlaçage>> des peyoteros Huichol (occident du Mexique)

Le corps et la corde

The Body and the Rope: The rite of “entwining” of the Huichol Peyoteros (Western Mexico)”, article written by Dr. Olivia Kindl for Ateliers d’anthropologie 40(2014) in their number titled “Représentations et mesures du corps humain en Mésoamérique” (“Representations and Measurements of the Human Body in Mesoamerica”).

In this article, Kindl analyzes how Wixárika pilgrims carry out an “entwining rite” prior to departing their respective community’s ceremonial center for their initiation journey to Wirikuta. In this sacred land, the deified ancestors are confused with the Wixarika landscape, territory and cosmos to reveal the relationship between notions of the body, the person and life.

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