The Bees Find the Way to Their Hive

The Bees Find the Way to Their Hive - Yauxali 1981

The bees find their way back to their hive guided by the nierikate, mirrors of supernatural insight that extend to the four directions (as spoked disks). Watéi Tsitsika Temai, the queen bee, dwells in the center of the hive where the bees bring food from the craggy peaks (black lines at the four corners). The crosses at the four tips of the hive symbolize that the bees are disseminated throughout the world  for the making of votive candles (haurite). The bees, xietexi, trace zigzagging paths in the air.

Explanation and Interpretation by Juan Negrín based on a taped conversation with the artist.
©Juan Negrín 1981 - 2018. All rights reserved digital and print. 


Year Created
Object Medium
Materials & Techniques
Plywood, pure beeswax, wool yarn