Norma K+paima Robles (Documentary)

Kipaima is transforming the paradigms of her family and her community. Since she was a young girl she resisted following the role imposed on the women of her community: marry at the age of 14, have children, and dedicate themselves exclusively to the household. Originally from the highland locality of Mesa del Tirador in the state of Jalisco, at 25 years old she became the first Wixarika woman to earn a degree in Educational Sciences from the Autonomous University of Nayarit. After having overcome linguistic, educational and racial barriers, she know seeks to be social promoter so that her sisters and the women of her community may have access to education, be confident in themselve, and integrate decision-making into their customs.

In Spanish and Wixárika. Directed by Panda Hernández and Kipaima Robles, 12 minutes.