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With the right that freedom of expression gives me and the communal statute as a member has given me, I give myself the opportunity to write a personal opinion about the future of the Indigenous Community of San Sebastián Teponahuaxtlán and its Annex of Tuxpán, the community that has given me a space in which to live, where to develop myself and that in gratitude I would like to express my sentiments for the space and for Our Mother Earth, Ta Tei Yurienaka.

After four years of struggle, the Wixárika community of San Sebastián Teponahuaxtlán in Mezquitic, Jalisco, will directly receive federal resources to manage amongst themselves without the intervention of local officials or political parties. And they will do so with women at the table under an agreement of gender parity, a rarity among Indigenous governments and, indeed, governments in general.
Let's Listen to Wixárika University Students: Annual Scholarship Fundraiser  We will be joined by two scholarship alumni and two ongoing students, Alessandra (Hariema) González (Communications), Judith Chino (Agronomy), Waritsi López (Design) and Osbaldo Cosío (Medicine) Wednesday February 28, 2024. 5:00 pm (México Centro)/ 3:00 pm (California PST)/ 6:00 pm (Eastern) Access zoom via this link or Facebook Live 
“We are here to reaffirm that we are still standing, resisting, defending what belongs to us.” Sitlali Chino Carrillo