Xóchitl Xitlalic Chanes Aguilar ~ Scholarship Beneficiary 2019-2020

Xóchitl Xitlalic Chanes Aguilar ~ Scholarship recipient 2019 - 2020

     Hello, my name is Xóchitl Xitlalic Chanes Aguilar, a student of the Autonomous University of Nayarit, and a native of the Indigenous community of Rosa Morada, Nayarit. In my experience, I think it is important to support Indigenous youth who are low income because sadly we are the most vulnerable population but also one that has the most desire to move ahead. Unfortunately, for us it is quite difficult from the very fact of having to leave our community and seek work, and because we are not familiar with the city environment because we lack so many resources, all of this to be able to be admitted into a university. The life of a university student in the city is completely different from the life that we normally lead in our community, especially as it pertains to economy. Our principal economic difficulties appear at the moment we transport ourselves to the university campus or to our job, without losing sight of the services we pay for housing and food both inside and outside of the house.

     In my particular case, the scholarship has helped me get internet in the community where I live and to support myself with computer equipment which became so indispensable since the pandemic and I am enormously grateful to you all for this. Truly it would help me a lot to continue to receive these types of support, because it is a complement that will directly help me each year to pay for re-inscription and university fees, and for my degree it could also help me pay for books needed for my formation. In this way, I can also have better outcomes because when I am presented with these difficulties, I am faced with having to work double-time to cover these costs. It is for this reason that these types of support help us by complimenting our academic formation, with the interest to help our communities preserve their culture and better our quality of life always at the forefront.

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