Embroidered shoulder bag, kutsiuri.

Embroidered shoulder bag, kutsiuri - Photograph ©Yvonne Negrín 2018

This kutsiuri (shoulder bag) is a very fine example of Wixárika embroidery. Using the diagonal stitch it was made using the two point stitch, sometimes referred to as the "punta de oro". The design is of the two-headed eagle, Our Mother, a classic and often seen design in woven and embroidered items made by the Wixaritari. It was made using cotton muslin that was once produced at a textile mill in Bella Vista on the outskirts of Tepic, Nayarit. The thread used is aniline dyed cotton and the kutsiuri is finished with pom poms and a strap made from a fine commercial wool.

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Cotton muslin embroidered using the diagonal stitch with cotton aniline dyed threads.