Muileme Gabino Valdez

Muileme Valdez in the Island of Mezcala, Xapawiyemetá 2023 (Photograph Diana Negrín)

Bachelor in Nursing 2023

Muileme Gabino Valdez ia of Na'ayeri and Wixarika descent, he was raised in the community of Mesa del Tirador. Muileme is part of the first generation of students at the Universidad Tecnológica de la Sierra in the Na'ayeri community of Mesa del Nayar where he studied a degree in nursing. He was a scholarship recipient from 2020 to 2023, during which time he participated in various activities such as webinars, conferences, and exchanges in different parts of Mexico and abroad. This diligence and effort have allowed for him to compete in grants and programs that help him travel. He has also been active in social justice matters and proudly dedicates his successes to his mother. In April of 2023, Muileme participated in an exchange with the Coca Community of Mezcala, Jalisco where a curricular program was laid out for a university that serves Indigenous peoples of the West. As with many other students, Muileme hopes to fulfill his graduate studies, hopefully abroad.

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