Program for Biocultural Exchange in Wirikuta ~ 2022 Report

Wirikuta Project Team

2022 Report

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This year we organized a regional gathering that we entitled "Regreening and Weaving Alliances in the Altiplano". It took place from July 29th to 31st, 2022, in the ejido or communally held lands of Las Margaritas, Municipality  of Catorce. Our programming expanded the activities achieved on July 31, 2021, that laid the first stone for a multidisciplinary initiative that contributes directly to the conservation and regeneration of the sacred place of Wirikuta in the high plateaus of the Chihuahuan Desert in San Luis Potosí.

Read full report: Program for Biocultural Exchange in Wirikuta ~ 2022 Report

En español: Programa de Intercambio Biocultural en Wirikuta ~ Informe 2022

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